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This is a great opportunity to participate in research! This project is part of a Master's of Science in Instructional Design and Technology. All the Academic Vocabulary activities are cataloged and recorded to be analyzed in a final research paper. 
This section contains:
  • An opportunity to evaluate and provide feedback on the tutorial.
  • Resources for Academic Vocabulary Instruction.
Feedback and Resources
Developing a professional vision includes research, planning, and collaboration. If you are planning an academic vocabulary lesson and would like some feedback and guidance to get started, visit this page.
Module 3 outlines the different categories of vocabulary and makes a push for selecting the most appropriate words for struggling readers. This module shows how to create a blended classroom, utilizing technology to raise the instructional bar to promote higher order, critical thinking skills.
Module 2 provides the background knowledge necessary to understand instruction from the learner's point of view. This module also covers general principles of dual coding theory which is shown to improve retention of information.
Start here on your journey to improved vocabulary instruction:
  • Watch a short animation outlining the goals and time commitment for participation.
  • Then complete a goal setting activity to help you define expectations.
  • Finally, complete a quick learner survey to see what you already know!
Module 1: Introduction
This tutorial outlines the steps to improve vocabulary knowledge for struggling, middle school readers. The tutorial is organized into 5 sections. Scroll through this page to get an overview of the tutorial. Select #1 when you are ready to learn about academic vocabulary instruction. Complete the modules in order. You may revisit any module. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Module 2: Learner Needs and DCT
Module 3: AV and Technology Ideas
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